Draining the swimming pool

I’m writing to you from somewhere between Adelaide and Brisbane, on my way to spend the night with Rachel in hospital. Don’t panic – everything is likely ok, I’m just making sure to be around for a procedure that Rachel will undergo to reduce the amount of amniotic fluid in her olympic sized swimming pool. With any luck by this time tomorrow Rach will be more comfortable and have some of her interior real estate back to herself!

The procedure is not without risk though – there’s a small chance that she may go in to preterm labour. It’s small, but it’s still a definite risk – I want to be there regardless of whether things go to plan or not. If we were to not do the procedure, the risks would be greater.

Rachel checked in to the pregnancy assessment unit this morning, and it was around 4 in the afternoon Adelaide time when we got all the tests back, and ultimately decided as a team to accept the doctor’s recommendation of Rach undergoing the procedure to remove fluid. There was no question that I wanted to be there with her, so I threw together a bag of whatever clothes were at the top of the pile (crossing my fingers for undies being in there, haha!) and jumped on the last flight of the day.

Mum was luckily at my place at the time, so she could drive me to the airport right away. Hubby didn’t have enough time to make it to the airport, so he’ll be packing his bags and taking them to work tomorrow morning, to be on call to fly up too. Tonight I’ll spend the night with Rachel <3

So here I am for the next few hours inside this little metal tube in the sky, just me and my blog. Thanks for keeping me occupied, blog! I feel better knowing that I’m on my way to Rachel – I would have felt sick and sleepless had I stayed in Adelaide. The dear love was worried about us having to change plans this week, but there was never any question of her being our priority. Even if things go entirely to plan with the procedure, I know that coming is 100% the right thing to do. We are a team, through and through, regardless of geographical distance. I ain’t having no doctor stick a needle in to my wifey without me in reach.

Anyway, I’ve got a few hours to kill, so how about a poem to explain the situation?

My wifey has a swimming pool,

as deep as deep can be,

full of amniotic stuff,

I hear it’s baby pee.

My wifey has a swimming pool,

she’s a clever surro-mummy,

but when the doctor said “too much!”

they drained it from her tummy.

My wifey has a swimming pool,

So I gave her one big cuddle,

in to her guts a needle went,

and out then came a puddle.

My wifey had a swimming pool,

I love her more than words can say,

And even when that pool is gone,

I’ll love her forever and a day.

Morning update: Rach is all settled in and had a hospital slumber party last night, complete with matching bear slippers <3


5 thoughts on “Draining the swimming pool

  1. All the best today. Hope everything goes smoothly. Will be thinking of you all.
    A great team you have. GO TEAM KUNDABERG!

  2. Wishing you all the very best and NY thoughts are with you all. I am sure all will go well and Rachel will be feeling a lot more comfy and baby Bear will be as right as rain. Love to all xxx

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