38 weeks and masters of distraction

Today we’re 38 weeks and playing the waiting game. We had a scan this week that showed Bear is a hairy chubba. A whole halo of hair around it’s head and an estimated current birth weight of 4.1kgs (9 pound 3 for those going by old scale). Bets are now on for how big Bear will be at birth. I think it will be my biggest bub yet with my second weighing in around 4.3kgs (albeit at 42 weeks!).

The last few weeks have been very up and down. We didn’t end up getting to live the exciting few weeks that we had planned for this time, but we still have had good times along with the sad. As we sit around waiting for the birth I’m filled with so many different emotions throughout the days. The excitement is still there – Marian and David are gonna be parents! There is also so much trepidation as none of us know what to expect. Operation distraction starts today. We have decided to fill our days leading up to the birth with as many activities of distraction as we can to get us through the days and help distract us from our most troubling thoughts. Today I have given my kids the last day off from school before school holidays so we can go and visit Brisbane’s Cat Cafe! We are going to go and strangle some cats with our love and I may even have to check Marian’s bags before leaving to ensure she doesn’t smuggle any home. I’m sure she has plans to become a crazy cat lady, but who can blame her! I am tempted too, but hubby swears two cats is already two cats too many. Pppffft. What does he know?

4 thoughts on “38 weeks and masters of distraction

  1. Cats r awesome! So glad u guys r together and so strong for each other. Please know we r all thinking of u at all times. Thinking strong thoughts for u all. Xxx

  2. Thank you for the update Rachel and Marian. As you know I’m new to this world and your journey. Sending love to you all. Distractions in the form of a cat cafe sound purrrfect. I had no idea that Cat Cafe’s existed! I hope all the girls had lots of smooches with some fluffy felines.

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